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It's really good. Old school complextro is one of my favorite styles of electro house, and you nailed it. My only criticism is that it just drags on for quite some time with little progression, but that's just preference. Good job!

This sounds like 2012-2013 electro house, which is quite nice. Melody in the off-drop is quite catchy. I'm not a fan of the main bass on the 2nd drop tho. Overall, it is nice. Good job on this one!

I'm not really a fan of hardstyle, so there's some personal bias with the rating.
The mixing is good, no apparent issues whatsoever.
The melodies are also nice.

CrystaluxX responds:

Its okay. Everyone has different tastes. I nonetheless appreciate your review. ;)

The vibes are good. Your vocals are nice!
Only gripe is that the panning is weird, but that's just a personal nitpick.
Good song!

GameBoyFireworks responds:

Thank you! Could you elaborate on the panning issue in a PM? I mix and master all our tracks so I love hearing specifics on stuff that I could improve on.

I'm a bit late in reviewing this, so I might be a broken record and say what others have already said, but I'm just gonna say it anyway. Sorry if I'm a bit too blunt.

1. The bass sound is, well, bad. It sounds outdated in my opinion.

2. There's too much going on at once. It feels like all the sounds are cramped in a tiny space.

3. Dynamic range is non-existent. The entire track is at the same volume, which makes the drop less powerful.

4. The buildup doesn't create enough tension, and the drop has no impact.

5. It feels like there's no sidechain, which makes the kick powerless. In fact, the kick is basically non-existent at this point.

6. Nitpick here, the buildup, feels like it's cut off by 2 beats, which makes the drop feel rushed.

7. The melodies fall flat.

8. The entire track feels like it's clipping. Probably because of how you mastered it.

Overall, it's bad. But hey, you'll get better with time. Don't worry about it, just practice some more.

EezySeven responds:

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! It's definitely one of the worst tracks I ever made but I made it mostly to learn more about the genre rather than to try to get the song popular.

I think your point about dynamic range was the most helpful because I genuinely thought that it's always better to reduce dynamic range in dance music.

A couple points I feel I should address, though.
- Yes, there is sidechaining. Just not very well implemented because the release was too short.
- I deliberately cut off beats from the build-up just for kicks because I know it's unexpected. 'Cause why not? I felt like it.

Thank you for your time. :D

It's nice. The melodies are cool and upbeat.

It's a feel good track, and I like it.

Dayum. Dem basses are so good!


This is quite nice! I like the synths used, the composition was great, and the vibe is nice. Unfortunately though, There were too many kicks at times, so the sound gets muffled.

Still a great track tho!

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